While it's easy to get to know your church family in a smaller congregation, once a congregation grows large enough, it becomes nearly impossible to make meaningful connections with everyone.

Many times, members of growing congregations can begin to feel isolated and disconnected — and newcomers have a difficult time finding their place.

That's why we created Growth Groups, so we can "grow larger by growing smaller."

Growth Groups are smaller segments of the congregation that meet in each other's homes once a month on Sunday nights for a time of worship and fellowship. Through these groups, it's our hope that our members can develop and sustain relationships with their church family that reach well beyond just a hello, hug and handshake on Sunday morning.

Our elders believe Growth Groups are vital to the continued growth of our congregation. We believe these groups can be a catalyst for spiritual, relationship and numerical growth.

Scroll down for frequently asked questions about Growth Groups and how they work.

Are you a member looking for your Growth Group? Find it here (coming soon).

Are you a new member and need to be placed in a Growth Group? Email Chris Parker, our family involvement minister.

Growth Group FAQ's

How many people are in a Growth Group?

Each Growth Group consists of roughly 20 members who meet in each other's homes on Growth Group Sunday, the second Sunday of each month.

Who chooses Growth Groups?

Our ministry and leadership team assigns the members of the congregation to Growth Groups. Group members are assigned based on various criteria such as geography, season of life, etc. During the summer months, Growth Groups may be reshuffled to best serve the members of that group.

What is the schedule for meetings?

The second Sunday of every month is Growth Group Sunday. Each Growth Group meets at 5 p.m. that day in one of the member's homes. Two or three groups will meet at the church building on Growth Group Sunday on a rotating basis. Check with your leader (coming soon) for your Growth Group's schedule.

Groups meet for an eight-month cycle from September to April; they do not meet May through August.

Who are the leaders? How are they chosen?

Leaders are chosen by the ministry and leadership team and agree to serve for one cycle (September through April). If you are interested in becoming a Growth Group leader, please contact Chris Parker.

What do you do during a Growth Group meeting?

  • A Growth Group meeting is a time of worship and fellowship. 
  • Meetings include singing, prayer (taking prayer requests, needs and praise), scripture reading, a devo or short talk, and offering the Lord's Supper. 
  • After the meeting, Growth Groups share a meal together. Groups that meet at the building will have a catered meal after worship.

What are the goals of Growth Groups?

The ministry and leadership team have identified these goals:

  • Greater personal spiritual growth by providing the opportunity to study God's word in a less overwhelming, less intimidating setting
  • Wider congregation involvement by providing people a smaller circle to which they can belong, while working to the goals and vision of our larger church body
  • Broader hospitality by meeting to worship in various members' homes
  • Deeper, more honest fellowship through a safe environment when you can open up and lean on your brothers and sisters
  • Providing an inviting environment for evangelism by providing a place to bring friends and family members to fellowship in a smaller, less intimidating setting
  • For any other questions about Growth Groups, please contact our family involvement minister Chris Parker or any of our elders.